Barrels For Sale 

Specialized Products

Here at "Barrels For Sale", we are all about having the best quality products at even better prices. 

Don't feel like doing your own DIY project, let us take the weight off your shoulders. We have a wide variety of pre made DIY's on site.

 Have pictures of a specialized barrel? We enjoy getting our hands dirty and can create just about anything you can imagine. 

*Please inquire for Specialized Products*

Specialized Items:

-Dog House (IBC or Barrel)                     -Rain Catchment System (IBC 

 or Barrel)

-Barrel Planters                                      -Deer Stands

-Flotation Devices                                  -BBQ pits and Grills 

-Blinds                                                  -Pool

-Dog Water Station                               - Honey Transporter (Honeybee's)                                         -Floating docks

-Horse Trough                                       -Water Trough